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Food & Drink Brand?
Looking to enter the UK market?

We work with Food & Drink brands to help you decide if entering the UK market is the right next step.

All the way from discovering the size of the opportunity, market overviews and current competition to detailed bespoke cost of goods (COGs), supply chain and logistics planning and more!

We map out exactly how you can enter the UK market.

Allowing you to make the right decision for your brand.


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Packages & Services



Market Overview - The Opportunity

Not sure if expanding into the UK market is right for your business?


This package is a great way of finding out and then you can decide if it's something you want to pursue further.


In this package, we provide the 'What?' and the 'Why?' for your business.

In short:

  • What is the opportunity?

  • And why the UK?


How? and How Much?
(Export OR Local Manufacture)

Includes everything from the Basic Package plus the specifics of how it can be done, and how much it will cost.

Generally speaking, there are two options to entering the UK market; exporting your product to the UK, or local manufacture.


Choose which of these routes you would like to explore, and this package provides you with everything you need to know.


How? and How Much?
(Export AND Local Manufacture)

Everything for BOTH exporting AND local manufacture in the UK.

  • What

  • Why

  • How

  • Costs

You'll have all the information on both routes to market allowing you to make the right decision for your business.


Hi, I'm Sam Walker, New Market Specialist

Born and bred in England, I've worked with clients both in retail and DTC in the UK, North America and Europe. I've built substantial knowledge about how each market operates, and importantly, the key differences that exist between them.

I have years of experience of working with consumer goods brands on projects ranging from digital marketing, advertising & strategy, to operational management & supply chain.

Specializing in the Food & Beverage sector, and ethically and sustainably driven to my core, my passion is helping purpose-driven brands succeed and grow their share of the overall market.

Feel free to reach out and let's see how can I help you. 

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